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Abraham Heslington Family Organization's genealogy efforts not only focus on all the branches of our family tree, but we also want to show the faces and offer life experiences from all the leaves. Our goal is to enrich genealogy with pictures and life experiences throughout the history of the Abraham Heslington family.

You can select one of the four family names at the top, then open(if the names header is grey) or close(if the names header is green), the specific gallery and stories from the lives of our family. These family galleries and stories are fascinating - but far from complete. This project is on-going and open to contributors. If you have pictures, or know family stories of the people, feel free to use the chat below to inform us, and to upload pictures. You can also use the contact form to upload stories and pictures as well.

William Rufus Rogers Stowell

William Rufus Rogers Stowell was born in the town of Solon, Oneida County, New York, September 23, 1822. He was the second of nine children from Oliver's second wife, Mary Stephen Holmes. In August 1825 the family moved to the town of Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York. It was a heavily wooded country requiring great labor to clear the ground for cultivation. His father, Oliver, at first purchased about one hundred acres of land and subsequently bought additions until his farm comprised two hundred and sixty acres.

William Rufus Rogers Stowell lived during times of unrest in his church, and in his country.
Here is a list of some interesting experiences from his life.

  1. A Patriarchal Blessing from Hyrum Smith
  2. A Dream in Nauvoo the 9th of Sept. 1844
  3. Notes from a Soldier's Journal
  4. William Rufus Rogers Stowell's Wives and Children
  5. Sophronia Kelley

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